Twitter's Blue Check Subscription to Relaunch says Musk

Twitter’s Blue Check Subscription to Relaunch says Musk

Owner and CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk has announced that the halted Twitter’s blue check subscription would be resumed on November 29th.

Musk shared an updated tweet saying, “Punting relaunch of Blue Verified to November 29th to make sure that it is rock solid.”

Musk stated on Saturday that Twitter’s Blue Check will most likely return towards the end of next week.
On November 11, Elon Musk’s Twitter discontinued the subscription-based blue tick verification marks. Twitter had intended to charge $8 to users who desired to have the premium blue tick verification symbol, but as soon as the service went live, several fake “verified” accounts appeared on Twitter, causing the platform to reconsider its decision.

According to Verge, the fraud was detected by the trust and safety staff. The document, obtained by Verge, read: “Motivated scammers/bad actors could be willing to pay … to leverage increased amplification to achieve their ends where their upside exceeds the cost.”

The team also discussed impersonation. “Impersonation of world leaders, advertisers, brand partners, election officials, and other high profile individuals.”

Musk took the situation into his own hands, tweeting that any account attempting to imitate someone else will be disabled unless they declared it to be a parody account.

To combat the growth of bogus accounts, the microblogging service introduced a new verification mark, a grey check certifying accounts as “Official.” Within a few days, the corporation implemented this function, then removed it before restoring it.

Musk addressed the subject in a tweet a few days earlier, where he wrote, “Twitter will do lots of dumb things in coming months.”

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