Women Skills Development Program


Women Skills Development Program is the answer for all of the above! Learn New Digital Skills With Us.
Skills that are highly demanded in the job market.

Idea behind This Program:

During the last few months we have interviewed around 60 female candidates for multiple job openings. However, for each job vacancy, only 20% of the females applied for the job – whereas male to female ratio in Pakistan is 1.05.

Lack of job opportunities is one reason of unemployment in Pakistan. Lack of skill-based learning is another reason why there is a mismatch between jobs offered in the market and candidates’ portfolio and eligibility.

Why only females? We want women to actively apply for the jobs. Even before that, our mission is to equip them with the relevant and highly demanded work skills to make them a confident and ideal candidate. We are providing a secure and enabling environment for women to come forward and join the workforce.

What Courses Are Offered?

During the current phase, this program offers digital skills based learning workshops in the following areas. However, as the program grows, we will also introduce advanced-level courses.

  • Tools and Techniques of Digital Marketing

  • Data Analysis with SPSS for Beginners

  • Introduction to Graphic Designing

  • WordPress: A Beginner’s Crash Course

This can become your opportunity to work with us! Depending on the organization’s need, top performing candidates in each course can also be offered paid internships at Beacon Innovation.

Interested? Contact us at: admin@beaconinnovation.org

After successful completion of the workshop and assignments, participants will be awarded certificate.

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