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Digital Marketing Course

Women Skills Development Program

Introduction to Digital Marketing

The first module has two live sessions each with a duration of one hour and thirty minutes. The first session let you understand digital evolution and allows you to get into the customers shoes and understand where they are coming from? It presents digital evolution as a challenge leading to a business opportunity.

The session then move towards understanding the term “Digital Marketing” and compares it with Traditional Marketing. It elaborates on “Customer Journey” i.e. how a customer approach towards buying a product or service and what can you do as a digital marketer or digital marketing service provider.

Digital Marketing Assessment is the third component of module one. It equips you with the ways you can assess any digital marketing strategy. It sheds light on various factors you should consider if you are asked to develop a digital marketing strategy. Last but not the least it equips you to conduct a digital readiness audit of your brand / product.

This online course in now closed!


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Strategizing and Making Digital Marketing Plans

The second module primarily covers paid and unpaid digital marketing strategies. Session 1 of the second module covers introduction to advertising i.e. paid strategies for digital marketing including Search Engine Marketing and many other such as Native Advertising, Overlays, Interstitials etc.

Additionally, the Module 2 sesssion 1 also covers different pricing models for paid advertising strategies and let you differentiate between eCPM and vCPM. It also allows you to understand that the more you want customer to get involved with your product or service the price per customer involvement increase from impressions (eCPM), to views (vCPM), to click (CPC) and finally to take an action on your website (CPA).

The session 2 of Module 2 covers unpaid digital marketing strategy i.e Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this module, you will not only be able to grasp basics of SEO but also we will let you deep dive into Technical, On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

During the session 2, we have also covered “How to create a Facebook Ad?” on demand of our course participants.

PDF Module 2 Documents

Maryam Ali

It's a great honor to be part of this special course. Its very interesting, highly professional, dynamic, understandable and informative. I really learned a lot through this course and each topic of this digital marketing course answered all my queries and gave me a clearer understanding. I learned how social media can be used effectively for digital marketing. I find this course to be highly relevant to anyone involved in running a business either selling a product or service or anything online and trying to enhance their marketing skills via social media. 

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