Social Media Marketing by Beacon Innovation: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need

Social Media Marketing by Beacon Innovation: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

More than half of the entire world population logs in to their social media accounts every day and spends around 2 hours scrolling and surfing. And over 90 percent of these users follow at least 1 business account. They’re primarily directed to the brand’s page after a social media advertisement.

Beacon Innovation provides you with a way to explore countless social media platforms and market your business proactively.

What Do We Offer in Our Social Media Marketing Packages?

Our core services revolve around the platforms that boast the highest number of users, so you get found by hundreds of thousands of customers every day.

Facebook Marketing

2.7 billion people use Facebook alone each month. Facebook ads help you build an online home where you find your potential customers, and they see you. We help you create targeted ads that are specific to your audience and connect them with you. Ad copy, graphics, and videos, we take care of them all.

Instagram Marketing

There’s no better place to build your brand awareness and launch your products than Instagram. We set up your Business accounts, promote your business and create your entire sales funnel on the platform. Shoppable posts and stories, pay-per-click advertisements, competitive analysis, and building a consistent brand on Instagram are some key Perks you can avail through our social media marketing strategy.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a fast-paced workplace of influencers. We assist you in making a complete, impactful profile and managing your tweet content. We audit your Twitter accounts and improve them to maximize their visibility. Furthermore, you get a helping hand for managing your paid ads that reach your target audience directly.

YouTube Marketing

Videos are known to leave a significant imprint on their viewers than written content. Leverage the power of YouTube to create videos that convert your viewers to convert them to buyers. Run video marketing campaigns with a crisp call to action that directs the viewers to your website.

Pinterest Marketing

Inbound marketing works best at Pinterest. You can post visual content to ignite excitement in your readers and include the link to your products in the descriptions. We help you perfectly curate your Pinterest. Nothing beats Pinterest ads in marketing, consideration, and conversion. We take charge of your Pinterest marketing plan, and you see the results.

LinkedIn Marketing

The place where professionals connect with businesses, LinkedIn is a great way to improve your brand awareness, Foster business relationships, and drive traffic to your website. A LinkedIn marketing campaign including sponsored content is undeniably the best way to generate leads, and we can help you carry out the task with little effort.

Snapchat/TikTok/Reddit Marketing

Social media marketing is not limited to the top used platforms only. There are several others, such as Snapchat, TikTok, or QnA forums like Quora and Reddit, which do not have billions of users but have a condensed audience hailing from diverse backgrounds. We aim to leverage these sites and help you maximize your returns on investments.

Social Media Marketing by Beacon Innovation
Why Social Media Marketing?

The benefits of the Perks of social media marketing for your business are innumerable. You want sales. Social media is where you find your customers. Here are some top reasons we believe why you should totally invest in Beacon Innovation’s social media marketing service.

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Increased Reach And Conversion

Your social media is your place to make a connection with your clients. You own a brand voice, and people who vibe to your voice are automatically attracted to it. The stronger your voice is, the more people connect with you. You can increase your reach to an insane level from one corner of the world to the other and get yourself a satisfying conversation rate.

Audience Engagement

The more active you are on social media, the better your consumers relate with you. It’s always advisable to build a credible online presence where people can engage, and a two-way business relationship can prosper. A solid social media marketing strategy gives you an edge over your competitors and makes you stand out among thousands of others offering the same services as you.

High Search Rankings

Did you know that through social media marketing, you could improve your rankings on search engines? A less-known fact is that when more people join you on social media, the traffic and conversion on your business website are bound to increase, which ultimately signals Google that your content is relevant to what people want. This automatically improves your search rankings.

Now that you have a clear idea of why social media marketing is so significant today, why waste time? Hop on Beacon Innovation’s website here and let us turn your business into a goldmine through our social media marketing services trusted nationwide.