Three E's - Execution, Experimentation, and Evaluation

Snapchat Unveils Three E’s Approach to Advanced Campaign Assessment

Snapchat has introduced its Three E’s approach to advanced campaign assessment, aiming to guide marketing teams through evolving strategic measurement in the wake of large-scale changes to digital marketing measurement practices. The Three E’s – Execution, Experimentation, and Evaluation – serve as key parameters for ensuring accurate tracking of campaign performance in a privacy-friendly manner.

According to Snap, the Three E’s approach emphasizes the combination of these elements to focus marketing teams on accurate tracking of actual performance. Evaluation serves as the compass guiding decisions, Experimentation acts as the map for course correction and finding efficient routes, and Execution encompasses all components powering the campaign.

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In practical terms, Snap’s structure involves a continuous cycle of testing, learning, iterating, and assessing to refine and improve campaign performance. Assessment, in particular, takes center stage in revising strategies for modern shifts.

Snapchat highlights methods such as Media Mix Models, which quantify the incremental impact of marketing activities on pre-defined KPIs like sales or web visits. Additionally, brand lift studies and A/B testing are recommended for testing campaign performance.

Snapchat emphasizes the importance of prioritizing causal experimentation KPIs over easily accessible correlation metrics, ensuring that media optimization drives positive progress towards actual bottom-line results.

Through its “Three E’s” approach, Snapchat aims to provide marketers with a broader set of data points to inform decision-making and refine campaign performance effectively. These insights are crucial for brands looking to improve their marketing strategies in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Here is the full overview of this approach.