Instagram Says Posting Longer Reels May Harm Your Performance

Instagram Says Posting Longer Reels May Harm Your Performance

Instagram’s content team has issued a warning to creators: posting longer reels than 90 seconds can actually hurt your reach on the platform. This advice was shared at a recent creator event in New York, where Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri and the IG team presented a slide highlighting the potential negative impact of longer Reels.

According to the slide, posting content that is longer than 90 seconds can lead to reduced distribution, alongside other factors such as posting low-quality content, engagement bait, and content with watermarks from other apps.

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This guidance may come as a surprise, given that Instagram has been experimenting with longer Reel uploads, including 3-minute and 10-minute clips. However, it appears that these experiments have not been successful, and the platform is now advising creators to stick to shorter content.

Mosseri also discussed creator monetization and the challenges of developing a sustainable and equitable creator program. He highlighted subscriptions as a potential revenue pathway, but noted that this option is only relevant to a small number of creators.

Overall, this news serves as a reminder for creators to prioritize quality and brevity in their content, and to be mindful of the platform’s guidelines to maximize their reach and engagement.