You are currently viewing Facebook Changes Name to Meta: Potential Impact of Facebook’s Rebranding Strategy

Facebook Changes Name to Meta: Potential Impact of Facebook’s Rebranding Strategy

With a new ”Infinity” logo, Facebook is now Meta – Greek for ”beyond” – at corporate levels, and this is not it! Facebook is only one of the most used technology products at the moment among the ones Meta company aims to produce. Companies as big as Facebook usually decide to rebrand in order to re-establish themselves and kick-start a fresh experience. Let’s look at what reaction this decision received, and what it could mean for your business. Read along!

Facebook Changes Name to Meta: Potential Impact of Facebook's Rebranding Strategy

The Reason Behind Facebook Rebranding

According to Business Insider, only about 29% of Americans knew that Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram. Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook, had to announce the shift to the company’s name to provide a clear perception to the users.

He also took this opportunity to indicate the integration of reality in his future virtual products.

He explains the change in the Founder’s Letter 2021 as:

The next platform will be even more immersive — an embodied internet where you’re in the experience, not just looking at it. We call this the Metaverse, and it will touch every product we build.

What Experts Have To Say?

Facebook’s rebranding has not impressed expert marketers worldwide. They demand the actual update that Zuckerburg promised in his announcement. Metaverse is not a term many people understand. Facebook has disappointed the users by not providing a substantial change at the company. They consider the timing wrong, too, because the users have already been consistently lashing Facebook at its treatment of misinformation.

What Can You Expect?

The declaration made by Zuckerburg might face backlash today; however, it defines the face of the future. Businesses that can catch the hint of the end and adapt for future sustainability always perform better. It’sIt’s time that you reconsider your business standards and look at the opportunities Metaverse might bring you. Here are the few areas you should consider working to harness the most from what the future holds.

Digital Products

Thousands of businesses are already offering digital products to their customers, but Metaverse will boost the trend to an insane level. Anything that people are using in the current world might find its way into the virtual world meant to copy the actual experience. Who knows, people might want to buy clothes and gadgets to show off their avatars in the Metaverse!

The digital world will make it convenient for customers to dive deeper into their favourite brand’s online profiles and ”feel” what they offer.

Augmented Reality Marketing

Instagram has already initiated the race of marketing via AR! Kylie Jenner’sJenner’s personal brand is the first business to launch custom AR filters through which people can try on their favourite makeup products digitally before buying.

The technique will indeed find its way to large and small scale business marketing very soon. The point is, being prepared for the future might keep you ahead of your competitors. The Meta launch event, Connect, did show us the example through Jackie Aina’sAina’s space!

Gatherings and Events

Businesses will no longer be confined to their physical buildings. You will be working with remote employees and hosting virtual conferences with an experience that will meet the physical world. You will be more connected to your customers than ever and leverage physical experiences in the virtual world.

Meta is sure to bring the most exciting entertainment events. People will be vibing to concerts from the comfort of their home, without missing out on the occasions!

Facebook Changes Name to Meta: Potential Impact of Facebook's Rebranding Strategy

While exploring the future, don’t stop focusing on today!

The explanation of Metaverse sounds a little out worldly today, but it won’t be for long. Remember how Facebook didn’t exist only 20 years ago? Look at how many businesses are reaping huge sales from Facebook marketing today! It’sIt’s only a matter of time until Metaverse finds its way into existence, and we’ll see colossal business growth for those who are attentive to make it.

For now, concentrate on networking extensively and increase your connections as much as possible. Gather an audience for yourself from social media, for you can serve it better in the virtually-real world!

Likewise, don’t forget to catch the opportunity whenever it strikes your door. We’ve already seen heavy-duty technology and the gaming world taking advantage of the virtual world. Businesses finding their way in does not seem too far-fetched now.

Focus on your today, so you lead a better tomorrow!