Snapchat Launches New 'My AI' Tool with In-App ChatGPT Integration

Snapchat Launches New ‘My AI’ Tool with In-App ChatGPT Integration

With the arrival of a new chatbot component for Snapchat+ subscribers called “My AI,” which will incorporate ChatGPT into the platform and offer AI-generated answers to inquiries, Snapchat is the first social media platform to jump on the generative AI bandwagon.

My AI is a brand-new chatbot that is only accessible to subscribers of OpenAI and is driven by the most recent GPT technology. Notably, Snapchat is now the first social media platform to incorporate AI elements directly into its user interface (UI), giving them a unique advantage over its rivals and allowing them to capitalize on the buzz surrounding AI.

This week, subscribers to Snapchat+ ($3.99/month) will have access to the “My AI” experimental AI function.

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As part of this initiative, Snapchat has worked with Google’s AI-driven conversational tool known as “Bard” to create a chatbot product that is comparable to those made available by Microsoft and Google.

My AI offers a variety of helpful functions for users, including proposing birthday present ideas for your best friend, planning a hiking trip for a long weekend, offering dinner suggestions, and even creating a haiku about cheese for your buddy who enjoys cheddar. Users can name the AI and select a wallpaper for their conversation to further personalize the experience.

It’s crucial to remember that My AI, like all chatbots driven by AI, has the potential to have “hallucinations” and is susceptible to being duped. The business cautions customers against disclosing private information to My AI or , asking for guidance from it since all conversations are recorded and could be reviewed.