Snapchat Introduces Generative AI Profile Backgrounds for Snapchat+ Users

Snapchat Introduces Generative AI Profile Backgrounds for Snapchat+ Users

Snapchat has added a new generative AI profile background feature to its app, available exclusively to Snapchat+ Users. The new addition allows users to generate unique AI backgrounds for their in-app profiles by entering text prompts, such as “cairo skyline view”. Once a prompt is entered, users are provided with several options to choose from, allowing them to select the one that best suits their preference.

The move is part of Snapchat’s ongoing efforts to integrate AI technology within its app, following the successful launch of its ‘My AI’ chatbot tool. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology, Snapchat+ subscribers can generate text responses to questions posed in the app, providing an interactive and innovative experience.

Snapchat+ has been a significant success, with over 2.5 million paying subscribers to date, surpassing the subscription programs of other platforms like Twitter Blue, which currently has around 500k paying subscribers. The difference in success rates can be attributed to Snapchat’s focus on adding value to its subscription service, rather than just selling blue ticks or exclusive access to features.

Snapchat has been steadily building out its subscription offering, providing unique and exclusive content, such as original shows, ad-free experiences, and access to new features like this generative AI profile background option. These efforts have resonated with Snapchat’s audience, creating a more interactive and engaging user experience that aligns with the latest trends in technology.

While the new feature may seem minor, it provides yet another opportunity for Snapchat to build generative AI tools and align with current trends, further enhancing the appeal of its subscription service. The generative AI profile background feature is currently available to Snapchat+ subscribers, and it’s likely that more AI features will be integrated into the app in the future.

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