Microsoft Adds AI chatbot to Bing and Edge Mobile Apps

Microsoft Adds AI chatbot to Bing and Edge Mobile Apps

After releasing the AI Chatbot for desktop use two weeks ago, Microsoft is now extending the preview of its AI chatbot to Bing and Edge Mobile Apps.

According to Microsoft:

“Two weeks ago, we introduced the world to the all-new AI-powered Bing and Microsoft Edge – your copilot for the web. Since then, based on strong and positive product feedback and engagement, we’ve welcomed more than one million people in 169 countries off the waitlist into the preview.  We continue to expand the preview to more people every day. Our preview community is actively using the breadth of new features across Search, Answers, Chat and Creation with total engagement up significantly. Feedback on the new capabilities is positive, with 71% of testers giving the new Bing a “thumbs up” on the new search and answers capabilities.”

Microsoft is seizing the moment as Bing receives the most attention it has in years with the release of new Bing and Edge mobile applications that integrate AI.

“Available on iOS and Android today, the Bing mobile app offers a fresh look and experience. Tapping the Bing icon at the bottom will invoke a chat session, where you can engage in all the same ways you can from the desktop. Ask simple or complex questions and receive answers and citations. Choose how you want your answers displayed – bullet points, text or simplified responses. Explore the Bing chat experience to refine your query or compose an email, poem or list.”

In an effort to quickly iterate on the choice, Microsoft is also introducing AI-powered Bing for Skype, giving users another method to access its new AI features.

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Faced with impending competition from Google and others, Microsoft is acting fast to increase the reach of its AI-powered search engine. The new Bing presents search results as conversations by utilizing a sophisticated variation of ChatGPT creator OpenAI’s large language model.

For those who have been accepted into the preview, Microsoft says the AI features will be accessible in the Bing and Edge mobile apps beginning later today.

More than 1 million individuals who joined the waitlist in 169 nations are now able to access the Bing and Edge AI preview, according to Microsoft.