Google Announces AI features in Gmail, Docs, and more to rival Microsoft

Google Announces AI features in Gmail, Docs, and more to rival Microsoft

Google is looking to make a larger splash by integrating its own generative AI features in Gmail, Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and other services after initially criticizing the most recent generative AI tools like ChatGPT and delaying its initial foray into the technology.

In order to help users write emails, summarize conversations, come up with writing prompts, and do other tasks, Google is seeking to integrate a variety of generative AI elements into its different tools, as you can see in this video overview.

As explained by Google:

“with AI features in Gmail and Google Docs, you can simply type in a topic you’d like to write about, and a draft will be instantly generated for you. Whether you’re a busy HR professional who needs to create customized job descriptions, or a parent drafting the invitation for your child’s pirate-themed birthday party, Workspace saves you the time and effort of writing that first version.”

The procedure is extremely reminiscent of ChatGPT, which Microsoft is currently integrating into all of its different apps and procedures.

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Due to the propensity for these systems to generate flawed, incorrect, or inaccurate results, Google had originally been hesitant to fully commit to generative AI.

With millions of people joining the waitlist for the new, AI-infused Bing and other generative AI tools getting significant traction, it appears that Google has now been forced to take action. That implies that Google, which has been working on its own AI technology for years, either stays out of the fray or follows the current fashion.

Evidently, it won’t be sitting in the stands and observing.

A number of new functionalities will be made possible by the new elements in Google’s tools, including:

  • The ability to organize, draft, reply, and summarize Gmail messages
  • New approaches to compose, edit and rewrite in Docs
  • Automatic production of images, sounds, and videos in Slides
  • Contextual classification and automated formula generation in Sheets
  • backdrops that are creative Meet
  • New processes and procedures in Chat

Additionally, Google is releasing its own generative AI models that developers can build upon to incorporate its cutting-edge AI tools into more apps.

It might be a significant development for the upcoming batch of productivity tools. And while there are worries that the emergence of generative AI will remove some of the human aspects from various processes, it is undeniable that, when used properly, these tools can improve workflows and save time in a number of different ways.

However, it might also cause a lot more emails to read similarly, or you might observe that the tone of emails you’ve been exchanging with certain people for years has changed.

We’ll soon find out because Google says that starting with English-speaking users in the United States this month, it will roll out its new AI experiences through its trusted tester program.