Twitter March Madness: New Insights Shared With Marketers

Twitter March Madness: New Insights Shared With Marketers

As the NCAA “March Madness” Tournament draws near, Twitter has revealed some fresh information to assist advertisers in leveraging the surrounding discourse and extending their reach among March Madness devotees.

As per Twitter:

“March Madness is an interactive experience on Twitter. Users live Tweet as the action takes place, with approximately 80% of #MarchMadness Tweets happening during gameplay in 2022. We recommend a mix of planned and live content for your campaign, to keep content fresh and demonstrate to fans that you’re invested and along for the ride.”

Given that video views on tweets about college basketball have increased by 41% year over year, this year’s event is probably going to be a huge topic of discussion on Twitter once again.

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To optimize resonance and reach, it makes sense to coordinate your March Madness outreach with this trend since the video is one of the best-performing content categories across all platforms.

This graph, which Twitter also made available, shows how many people are talking about March Madness at various points during the event.

It could be a useful tool for your tie-in campaigns, allowing you to match the most interesting spikes with your thematic efforts.

Language plays a significant role in the March Madness conversation, according to Twitter:

“We’ve observed trending keywords related to history and drama (upset, cinderella, buzzer-beater, historic) spike in the #MarchMadness conversation. This is an opportunity for copywriters to evolve campaign language to reflect how real fans are talking about the tournament and the teams they’re supporting.”

Another thing to think about when planning your strategy.

Millions of people watch March Madness every year, and they tweet about all the highs and lows of the tournament.

These tips could make sure you don’t miss out on meeting college basketball enthusiasts and casual onlookers at crucial times. That could present a variety of worthwhile prospects.

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