Meta Shuts Down Threads in Turkey Amid Antitrust Probe

Meta Shuts Down Threads in Turkey Amid Antitrust Probe

Meta has announced the closure of Threads in Turkey following an interim order issued by the Turkish Competition Authority (T.C.A.), which is part of a broader investigation into potential anticompetitive behavior related to data sharing between Threads and Instagram.

The T.C.A. initiated the investigation in December, focusing on Threads due to its utilization of data from Instagram, which could potentially violate Turkish competition laws regarding cross-app data sharing.

In response to the T.C.A.’s enforcement push for separation between the platforms during the investigation, Meta has decided to suspend Threads in Turkey starting from Monday, April 29.

According to Meta, the decision to comply with the T.C.A.’s order is regrettable, acknowledging the disappointment it may cause to the Turkish Threads community. Users in Turkey are being notified of the shutdown through the Threads app.

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While Meta plans to appeal the interim order, it also intends to collaborate with the T.C.A. to address its concerns and potentially bring Threads back to Turkish users in the future.

The shutdown in Turkey adds to Meta’s recent data-related challenges with Threads, including delays in its European launch due to compliance issues with evolving E.U. privacy regulations.

The specific concern raised by Turkish authorities revolves around Meta’s use of Instagram as a means to promote Threads by sharing user data between the two platforms. Despite these challenges, Meta remains optimistic about the app’s future growth potential and its role in expanding the company’s digital advertising market presence.

It is anticipated that Meta and the T.C.A. will reach a resolution, potentially leading to the reinstatement of Threads in Turkey. However, the incident raises questions about the app’s global expansion and potential scrutiny from regulatory bodies in other regions.