Meta Offers Financial Incentives to High-Profile Creators to Boost Engagement on Threads

Meta Offers Financial Incentives to High-Profile Creators to Boost Engagement on Threads

In a bid to bolster engagement on its real-time social media app, Threads, Meta has announced a new initiative targeting high-profile creators. Recent data indicates a surge in Threads usage across the United States, prompting Meta to offer financial incentives to influential individuals to post on the platform.

Under the Threads Bonus program, Meta is extending invitations to prominent creators from its other applications, enticing them with potential earnings of up to $5,000 per post on Threads. Eligible creators stand to receive payouts if their posts garner over 10,000 views within the app.

However, the offer is exclusive and limited to creators selected by Meta, as stated in the company’s documentation. Invitations are issued through pop-up notifications and appear in the Professional Dashboard on the Instagram app.

This move represents the latest effort by Meta to promote Threads, following previous initiatives such as partnerships with celebrities and sports teams. The initial stage of the Threads Bonus program was launched earlier this month, with Meta subsequently increasing payout amounts and the minimum views required per post.

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Meta’s goal with this incentive program is to sustain Threads’ growth momentum, with recent reports indicating a gain of 20 million users since February, bringing the total monthly active user count to 150 million. Despite this progress, Threads still trails behind competitors like X, which boasts 550 million monthly active users.

Meta’s strategy revolves around fostering a positive user experience by steering away from political discourse and resisting real-time trends. This approach aims to attract users seeking a more welcoming environment, including those migrating from other social media platforms.

The success of Meta’s endeavor hinges on the participation of prominent stars and their ability to draw their audiences to Threads. This collaborative effort could serve as a catalyst for further stimulating the app’s growth in the coming months.