Meta Aims to Expand its Reels Monetization Program to More Creators

Meta Aims to Expand its Reels Monetization Program to More Creators

Meta is planning to extend its Reels monetization program to more creators in the coming months. Over the past year, Meta has been working on Reels ads and select creators have had access to overlay promotions on an invite-only basis.

However, Meta is looking to make the option available to more users soon, with the goal of keeping people on its apps for longer. The increase in Reels engagement has led to a significant increase in time spent on Facebook and Instagram. However, original content creation has decreased in recent years, leading to a decline in platform engagement.

To address this issue, Meta is expanding its Reels monetization program and is looking to add more tools to help creators build their online communities.

Meta aims to provide additional insights into the most engaged fans and templates for creators to thank them for their support. These elements were launched with selected creators in September 2022 and will be part of Meta’s bigger creator push.

Meta’s move to expand its Reels monetization program comes as YouTube and TikTok also launch expanded programs to provide more monetization opportunities for their most popular creators.

Moreover, these programs are not yet effective. TikTok is still hoping to get in-stream shopping off the ground, while YouTube’s recently launched ad revenue share program for Shorts is not generating significant payouts.

Short-form video has become the preferred form of online entertainment, but monetizing it is challenging as traditional online models are structured around longer content with a captive audience.

The expansion of Meta’s Reels monetization program could be a game-changer for creators and could potentially transform how short-form video is monetized on social media.

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