LinkedIn Announces New Updates for Audience Network Campaigns

LinkedIn Announces New Updates for Audience Network Campaigns

LinkedIn just announced some new enhancements to its Audience Network campaigns that will allow advertisers to connect with LinkedIn users outside of the app. Advertisers can use the LinkedIn Audience Network to extend their campaigns to third-party websites that have partnered with LinkedIn to display LinkedIn advertising.

This can help to increase brand awareness among professionals while also providing millions of opportunities for exposure across the web.

The most recent Audience Network ad modifications attempt to improve the display of content and make it more professional-looking in various scenarios. LinkedIn will now automatically optimize Audience Network ads to better correspond with the presentation of each website, which is one of the most significant upgrades.

This indicates that advertisers will no longer have to manually reuse the structure or creativity of their ads. The LinkedIn Audience Network automatically optimizes ad rendering based on the publisher’s screen and placement.

Furthermore, LinkedIn’s Brand Safety Hub gives advertisers more control over where their ads appear. Advertisers can now view a comprehensive list of third-party publishers where their content may appear.

They can also use the new Brand Safety portal to construct their own allow lists and blocklists, as well as apply bespoke brand safety settings. LinkedIn has its own built-in brand safety features to protect businesses, as well as frequently updated vetting methods to weed out any possible issues.

Furthermore, LinkedIn is also rolling out new formats for Audience Network ads. Advertisers are now able to run Video and Carousel Ads, in addition to Single Image promotions.

Brands can pursue a variety of objectives with their campaigns, from growing brand awareness to driving website conversions. They can then easily track pertinent metrics to measure their progress against those objectives.

The LinkedIn Audience Network could be a valuable consideration for advertisers, with over 271 million LinkedIn members only engaging on the LinkedIn Audience Network. This could help to expand messaging and achieve better results for campaigns. Advertisers can read more about the latest Audience Network updates on LinkedIn’s official website.