The Future of Mobile Technology

The Future of Mobile Technology

“If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished”

– Wendy Clark

The world operates in synchronous time which means the digital world needs to amp up communication technologies and strategies. From ordering food to attending online classes, mobile technology has become the quickest medium for simplifying lives.

A lot of people talk about mobile as an enabler. But it’s more than that. It’s really a multiplier. At its heart, it’s really a game changer.” – Shawn Covell

No matter which technology you choose, it should allow statistical insights. Mobile technology records a variety of information about customer interactions which are used to identify overlooked customer needs. Later, teams can utilize this data to improve customer’s experience.


Market is in search of new technology to disrupt the current situation. Mobile technology with the boost of 5G telecommunication technology will lead among companies which would be a game changer. For now mobile technology will be the primary hosts for these emerging technologies. However, as the Sixth Wave of Innovation will progress, this technology will be replaced with other devices that are more efficient, immersive and effective.

The Sixth Wave of Innovation? Labelled as Fourth Industrial Revolution is about Digitalization, Sustainability, Robotics and Automation

There are possibilities that mobile phones may become obsolete but it depends on the pace of emerging and advanced technologies. Although mobile phones won’t phase out right away:

Old habits die hard.

And we may be far too addicted to our pocket devices to give them up entirely. But one thing is for sure that some factors are primed to send today’s mobile phones to it’s grave over the next decade.