Instagram Expands Age Verification Tools to More Countries

Instagram Expands Age Verification Tools to More Countries

Instagram introduced a new age verification tool in June 2022 in an effort to increase platform openness. Instagram expands age verification tools to a number of additional regions in an effort to better define and confirm user ages, restrict their exposure in the app, and improve these processes. In March 2023, the company will begin expanding the function to additional nations like Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Japan, and South Korea.

As per Meta’s Andy Stone:

“Starting today, we’re beginning to expand our Instagram age verification test to Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Japan, and more countries in Europe. This builds on an expansion to India and Brazil we announced in October, with more countries coming in the next few months.”

The user may send a copy of their ID as the first option. They can also submit a video selfie to Yoti, a company that specializes in online age verification, which is the platform’s verification partner. The user can also contact a different acquaintance on Instagram to ask them to confirm their age.


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Now, why was this kind of testing procedure implemented? “Provide appropriate experiences to various age groups, particularly teens,” stated Instagram. The majority of what the platform has been doing over the past year to make Instagram a safer place for both its users and its younger viewers is condensed into this small sample.

Instagram had already extended the authentication system to new nations like Brazil and India before the new roll-out. Generally speaking, this should be advantageous, particularly given a large number of daily new users.

The platform has added new safeguards that will enable users to completely disconnect from Instagram if they so choose, in addition to new safeguards for younger users, while also putting content front and centre.