The Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2023 

The Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2023 

Wondering why your social media post are not getting any attention? One key aspect here is that you might have overlooked the time to post on different platforms. Every social media site has particular best times for content publication. It’s annoying, but it’s only one of the many things social media managers need to be aware of. Curious to learn about the best times to post on Social Media in 2023?

By posting at the right time, businesses can increase the chances that their content will be seen and engaged with by their target audience. Fortunately, we did the research and created the ideal social media schedules for you to plan your content and increase exposure and interaction. Let’s dive into it.

Best Time To Post On Facebook

The best time to post on Facebook is during the week.

  • Specifically evening and mid-to-late afternoon, between 6 and 9 PM and 12 PM – 3 PM.
  • Also, Wednesday and Friday are considered the best and Sunday is the worst day to post on Facebook. 

These times have been found to be the most active for Facebook users. However, it’s also crucial to take into account the target audience for the business and make adjustments accordingly. For instance, if your target audience is stay-at-home parents  posting during the weekdays either in the morning or afternoon may be more effective

Best Time To Post On Instagram

Finding the ideal time of day to publish on Instagram is critical to obtaining the right interaction or engagement from the audience. Before jumping on to crafting captions and increasing followers, paying attention to the timings of posting will be a game-changing strategy for your business.

  • It is effective to post during the week, specifically 9 am to 12 pm & 8 pm to 12 pm.
  • Also, Wednesday at 3 pm and Friday between 2 pm and 4 pm are the most effective ones. 

These times have been found to be when Instagram users are most active and likely to engage with content. For instance, if your target audience is younger users, posting during the evening may be more effective. Therefore, it is crucial to adjust timings according to the business’s target audience.

Best Time To Post On Twitter

Twitter users are most active and likely to engage with content during the week.

  • Monday through Friday between 12pm and 3pm.
  • Early mornings are the worst time to post on Twitter from 6am to 9am. 

However, it’s also important to note that Twitter moves quickly and tweets have a short lifespan, so it’s important to post regularly throughout the day. Don’t forget to use the trending hashtags to get the most engagement.

Best Time To Post On LinkedIn

For Linkedin, make your habit to post during the week, specifically

  • Tuesday through Thursday between 9am and 12pm, 12-3pm or 3-6 pm.

Why? Because On weekdays linked users are more active as compared to weekends whereas the worst or you would say lowest performing days are Sundays and Saturdays. However, posting time frames must be selected according to the specific audience of the business. 

For example, if you are targeting the business ‘professionals’ audience, you must post during the weekday mornings or afternoons to get high engagement on the posts.

Best Time To Post On TikTok

The Ideal time to post on TikTok is:

  • Between 6 and 9 PM, 3 and 6 PM, and 12 and 3 PM.
  • Saturday and Thursday are considered the best days for B2B brands and for B2C brands Saturdays and Sundays are the best. 
  • Businesses in the manufacturing, materials, and energy industries appear to have success posting between 6 and 9 AM, but most marketers don’t advise it.
  • Business types like energy, utilities and manufacturing, and materials brands seem to find success in posting between 6 to 9 AM, but for other types, evening time is the most recommended one. The best day to post on TikTok is Friday, and the worst days to post are Monday and Tuesday.


Identifying the best times for your social media platforms is an integral part of making your social media strategy effective and successful. Making sure you are posting at the right time so that your content will be seen and engaged with by the target audience. Additionally, after the pandemic, social media usage patterns have changed and it’s important to keep an eye on the current trends and adjust accordingly. 

Do you want to increase engagement on your social media accounts? Schedule your posts with the guidance of our team of social media experts for the most engagement and reach. To find out more about our complete social media management services, get in touch with us right away!