Instagram Rolling Out Reminder Ads, Testing Ads in Search Results

Instagram Rolling Out Reminder Ads, Testing Ads in Search Results

A new Reminder ads feature is being rolled out by Instagram, and a different feature that would move advertising into the search results category is also being tested. The two primary sources of revenue for these social media sites are advertisements and subscriptions. In the US, Meta recently debuted Meta Verified, a paid subscription program.

Free Instagram appears to have a strong bias in favor of endorsing marketers and incorporating commercial content into its feed. Both of the new features that the Meta-owned social media platform unveiled are intended to increase advertising on its platform.

Instagram stated that they recently worked with companies like Starz to test a new ad format that makes it easier for companies to let customers know about upcoming events or product launches.

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All advertisers will be able to choose the Reminder Ads as a feed choice as they go live. The purpose of the feature is to help advertisers promote upcoming events like launches, premieres, etc. by building knowledge, interest in, and consideration for them.

Users can sign up for the reminders by clicking the Remind Me icon, and they can select one of Instagram’s three notification windows: one day prior to the event, 15 minutes prior to the event, or at the time of the event. Once chosen, the app will send the user a push notification at the time they originally specified as a reminder.

Instagram further stated that they are trying a new feature that shows users’ search results with advertisements. According to the business, when users tap on a post from a search result, pertinent ads will show up in a feed that they can scroll through.

In the upcoming months, the social media platform hopes to roll out this function internationally. A Sponsored label located below the profile handle allows users to distinguish between advertisements and regular messages.

Additionally, it has recently been revealed that Instagram is beta testing a feature that displays recent user-to-user sharing activity on the Direct Message tab. This is allegedly done to make it simpler to access and reshare previously shared content with accounts that are followed by a person.